Family Entertainers

As the youngest child of John and Mary Sullivan, I was fortunate to have 2 older brothers and 6 older sisters to look up to. 

One of my earliest recollections revolves around my brother John (J.C.).  JC and his friends had this device which we

labeled the “Record Making Machine.”  This device actually allowed him and his friends to record 78rpm records.

They would come over to our house on E. 116th St. go in the basement where magic occurred. 

They would sing and play their instruments and we would listen and behold we had records to

play and hear them even when they weren’t around. Once “The Band”  set down their instruments and
started viciously attacking myself and slightly older siblings and maybe even a niece or nephew or two.

They set upon us without any warning and TICKLED us viciously and ferociously.

As we laughed and laughed. Till we could laugh no more they were recording us.

“The Laughing Record” became one off the highlights and greatest memories of my youth. 

We constantly asked JC to play it for us and with no further action needed we laughed uncontrollably

while listening to ourselves laughing on the record. JC and his friends 40 odd years later still get together
once a year or so to play music and sing.  From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank you for the
great memories to Jerry Toolis, Don Toolis, Ronny Wasi and of course my big brother JC.

Angela Trimm is the youngest daughter of Rita Sullivan Trimm.  Angie is known to belt out a few tunes during a kareoke session. 

Angie prefers to sing songs of the country western variety and can be heard around town as often as she can find a baby sitter for the kids.

Sean and Megan have given countless people joy over the years with their Irish Step Dancing. 

They have performed all over the USA-Canada-England-Scotland and Ireland. 

The are both Champion Dancers and have performed with The National Symphony Orchestra-The Prodigals-The Mickey Finns-The Fenians-

Bridgets Cross and many more.Sean won the 2008 Sr Men's Mid American Championship

At the 2007 Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival, Sean was captured (on a cell phone) having some Craic
at the after party, and this appeared on You Tube.